Amy, revisited

2. Juni 2007
...or "the grass is greener over here".

I've done it. I've broken with my rule never to make the same thing twice. I've revisited Amy.
In the mood of stashbusting and somehow "feeling green" those last weeks I made another version of the Cabo Halter Top by Amy Butler. The original version is so comfy to wear that I just needed another one!
My photographer was busy today, and of course I was busy, too... cooking and baking to feed the four hungry men who were working hard the whole day, but there was enough time left to finish the top by adding some lace to the seamline below the bust and the hem.

Amy - revisited
(Yes, I'm aware that the turquoise don't go well with my hair, but I never cared about those things, and I do wear pink as well!)
As you can easily see, the top is slightly different from the original pattern.
I altered the neckholders into "normal" straps and used four coordinating fat quarters from my beloved stash to achieve a pretty colorful design (at least colorful for me!).

This pattern deserves the label "fat quarter friendly".
All pieces can easily be cut from fqs, though you shouldn't use fabrics with a direction or a pattern which requires matching it along the seamlines.
Very busy or small prints will work best.

The lower front, which is cut on fold, needed some inset corners at the sides on the hemline and the straps and the upper front were cut seperately.
After sewing the parts together I pressed SAs to one side and topstitched with matching machine embroidery thread, so the piecing is rather more a design feature than it is disturbing.

The interior is the same as on the last top I made - I seem not to be able to live with those raw edges on the inside bust seam...
SAs of the lower part are fixed with the stitching of the lace, which was added after the top was finished. Suddenly I felt like there needed to be "something" between the green and the green and the green... *gg*

I'm sorry to bore you with another version of a plain no-think-just-sew pattern, but anyways I hope you'll feel like having to check your pattern box for something re-usable to re-visit.
More pics on flickr.
Have fun!


  1. Margot00:14

    Looks great! I love the mix of pattern and color. And, it looks great with your hair! Warm blue green goes with practially everyone, that's why hospital scrubs used to be all blue-green.

    Go watch Lucy in Your's, Mine, and Ours, I think she wore it and other colours boldly in the late 60s.

  2. I LOVE IT!! It's a work of art, Katrin, and you look great in it! Love the colors and the combination of different fabrics, the result is awesome! Wow!

  3. Love it! And I really like what you did with the straps. I wish I had your creativity!!

  4. barbara10:05

    that's a fabulous top, pattern, colour and all - i also love what you did with the straps, i'm not a neckholder person myself (i don't feel comfortable with something strapped around my neck...), so it's cool how you changed the pattern!

  5. charlotte23:10

    I love it! you made a cool version of the amy top. now I'm curious - is a third version possible?

  6. Sarah03:39

    Well done! I'm off to go look for your first iteration of this top.

  7. Wow, great top and great pics!

  8. How can one get bored looking not only at the things you make, but also your beautiful presentation. Love the way you put your pictures together!
    Anyway, the top is gorgeous!

  9. "Plain"?????? Are you kidding? It's great. You really have an eye for putting color and pattern together. I love it!

  10. Marisa19:06

    Very lovely!

  11. Ladies, your lovely compliments mean even more to me because I know its a fact that each one of you can sew and could do this as easy as pie - thanks for support! :)

  12. That top is brilliant! So many different fabrics :) I always plan to do patterns more than once (well, if I was happy with the outcome at least), but somehow it doesn't happen... there's too many other patterns to try around (and too little time to sew, no matter how much it is ;)

  13. kathy00:59

    I love the your mix of fabric patterns and colors. It looks great on you. You always inspire me to want to go make some clothes!

  14. kathy01:04

    I have to leave another comment :) I just went to check out the pattern. I didn't understand fully what you meant on changing the straps. I REALLY like your version. Did you modify anything more than ensuring they were long enough to attach to the back?


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