Bolt ends, flea market finds and grab bags

30. Juni 2007
Make up this dress:

Machiko Kayaki dress

Nice, huh?

Machiko Kayaki dress

Yes, I like it, too! ♥
It's black!
After all the colorful sewing done lately I suddenly felt the urge to make something black. BLACK. B-L-A-C-K!

The pattern comes from the book "Home couture" by my beloved Machiko Kayaki. Best about this dress: I didn't need to alter a thing. I cut, sewed and it FITS.
My fave on this dress are the ruffles running down the front ...

Machiko Kayaki dress Machiko Kayaki dress

... and the buttons, which are flea market finds and seemed perfect for the dress.
First I thought of some white porcellain buttons from another flea market visit but then decided for the silvery rose buttons. A bit "less-stylish-more-elegant"... *g*

The fabric was bought on sale, and as it was a bolt end and they had more fabric than I needed, I got almost 50 cm for free (Yay!).
It's a lightweight cotton batiste, and judging from the picture in the book they also used a lightweight (and even lightly shine-through) fabric.

Unlike in the book, my dress is lined partially. The top is left unlined, but I added a lining to the skirt, not wanting someone to see my white & pink polkadotted panties (just in case you wonder: NO, I don't have polkadotted underwear!). As I didn't need much lining fabric I used a piece from a grab bag.

The dress has an invisible zipper sewn to one side, beginning shortly under the bust dart and ending a bit below the hip. Heaven thanks I got the fancy invisible zipper foot, so it was sewn in in no time.
Of course the lining needed to be handsewn to the zipper, but I don't mind handsewing anymore (I wouldn't have said that some years ago!).

Right now I have some other projects queueing... black ones and colorful ones.
Lately I drafted a pattern from Mrs. Stylebook #145 but am not able to cut or sew, as I lack some of the materials needed.
I fear that until everything is handy you'll have to content with some more "no-brain-just-follow-a-pattern" sewing.

Anyways - I like it!
Have a nice week & thanks for stopping by!


  1. kristin L22:12

    Cute, cute, cute.

    P.S. Thanks for teh Deichmann tip -- I think I'll go this week and see if they still have the shoes :-)

  2. wow, that dress kicks butt! very awesome!

  3. That's awesome, but leaves me with a question :) Is this book like Mrs. Stylebook where you draft your pattern?

  4. oh it looks so good on you - I am loving the white against the black... and your red hair looks perfect with this dress! :)

  5. Wow! I love it. Now I must go find that book. Glad I looked into the DIY pool today. :)

  6. Laura00:55

    Adorable! I love how you finished the ruffles with a contrasting serger stitch.

  7. Meine Guete, zum Quietschen suess, Katrin. Und so Dein Stil!!!
    Perfekt. Sieht einfach genial aus zu Deinem Haar, der Brille... Gut gemacht!

  8. OMG, that dress is AWESOME!!!!!

  9. It's such a great little dress, I love all the details, and thanks for sharing about this Home Sewing book. I'll be keeping a lookout for it in Kinokuniya.

  10. Another great dress! Really like it. Love the front ruffles, nice touch.

  11. Wonderful dress! I love the details. Is that your garden?

  12. Ooooh, I love your dress! Of course, I want that book too, now... Your dress came out so pretty.

  13. Ladies, Thank you so much!
    I'm growing... ;)

    As far as possible your comments and questions are answered by e-mail (if I have it).
    Thanks for taking the time to leave me some words :)

  14. Such a sweet dress.... just perfect for you!

    And rose buttons... kewl³!

  15. cutie, you're fab. the dress rocks.
    la ola from mannheim to bikäi!

  16. Wonderful! You look great in the black dress. Also, I love your photographs.

  17. it looks great on you.

  18. Oh my goodness, its incredible, and you look a dream in it!

  19. perfect... you have good ideas

  20. Anonymous15:47

    Hi, where in Germany do you get those pattern books to buy?

  21. Hi anonym,
    those books are available in every japanese bookstore.
    If you are not so lucky to have one near, you can order those books via or (just like I did).
    Good luck! :)

  22. Jenny15:23

    I LOVE that black dress. It's great. Love the ruffles and the details. Wow.

  23. o.k. I'm kind of very much behind with comments!
    nice dress, perfect for the now upcoming summer :)

  24. gasp - LOVE this dress! The details are so special. Love it. Love it!

  25. This just came up on your flickr sidebar and I clicked over to it - I hadn't seen this one before, it's gorgeous!!

    Mel, who needs to break out the sewing machine to do one little seam and is afraid!!


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