Little sailor

24. Juni 2007
Jaaaaaa, wir sind Piraten und fahren zu Meere ... (sing along!)

... As I couldn't sew for myself yesterday and desperately seeking for a reason to avoid housework, I ended up sewing for the cutest pirate-to-be in the world:

the fast and the furious

The pattern is from Ottobre design 03/2006 - a mix of model 16 and model 24 - with some smaller modifications to the hemline and the design "as such".
You also get a better view on the dress shirt, but I like the first shot better. It's pure life!

ich komme

The shirt doesn't have a skull design (except for my label, which is sewn to the pocket), but I'm totally in love with the japanese sailboat/dolphins fabric!

It's almost exactly one year that I ordered the fabric for this shirt in Kumis shop. Back then I had "something" in mind, but I couldn't name it. Now... that's what it was! So, Alex was right - those fabrics don't look like me, but like "aunt me".
The dark blue fabric and the snap buttons are from stash as well.
Go me - Queen of destashing!
(it wouldn't be clever to mention the things I got yesterday now... *cough*)

Though the shirt isn't perfect and I didn't pay as much attention to the inside as I do on my clothes the nephew likes it ^.^

More pictures of the shirt with and without "filling" on flickr.
Have a nice sunday!


  1. Thanks for the link to Kumis shop. And that shirt is very cute. Tamyu also sent me swatches of cute fabrics for boys. The sailor theme is definitely cute.

  2. cute boy, nice shirt. tolle tante!

  3. great shirt for an adorable little guy!

    fellow ottobre fan,

  4. One day, he's going to be a pirate and will tell everyone, that THIS is his aunt's fault! ;)

  5. Too adorable, Katrin. A good aunt you are!
    Gosh, one year... it feels like I was in my annual nautical mood only a few weeks ago... but it has been a year already... time is flying.
    By the way, the little pirate can sport some robots, hopefully soon, bought a meter of those just for him and have set myself a deadline, before July it shall all happen...! *sigh*
    Ich hoffe, ich kann diese Paeckchen endlich zumachen und zur Post bringen, es ist wirklich ein Graus mit mir.

  6. Anonymous15:51

    Cute shirt. Your label with the skull and bones - probably popular with the fashion scene now but is it appropriate to use here in Germany?

  7. I can't see why it shouldn't be appropriate - maybe I can see the problem you mean if you tell me what's your concern?
    It's a pirate's label, so why not using the skull and crossbones?


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