19. Juni 2007
What to do if your fave pair of jeans suddenly has a hole?
And what, if it is right where your backside pocket flap is?
No mending - too many layers!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:
After Step 1 & 2 I got rid of the pocket flap (Who needs it?!? The button has gone loooong time ago!). Then I embroidered a nice little patch that will cover the hole.

Now the patch would have covered the hole nicely, but there was a pretty disturbing dark stripe where the pocket-flap has been, so I took a small strip of fabric to covered the dark stripe.
The outcome: A very colorful backside view.
I needed to get rid of the original not matching (blue and lavender) label on the waistband!
And... being at it... why not "pimp my pants"?

amy butler patches

See what happens when I'm in a colorful mood AND remember inspiring posts?

Of course I know some of my dear readers are shocked. You may calm down. The jeans may be colorful, but you didn't really expect me to wear a colored blouse with it, did you?!? ;)

knee patches

Deep in my heart I'll always be a "black sheep"...

Unlike Kathy I added some small folds to the patches for movement.
I really wondered how she sewed her patches to her daughters jeans, as I really swore a LOT and almost freaked out while fumbling around to get the legs neatly under my machine... and I dare to say my pants legs are wider than hers.

In the end it worked out pretty well. Nice refashioned jeans.
Let me say it: I'm twentyten and I wear knee patches. And I wear them with pride!

Tune in next time for more shocking news ;)

fyi: The embroidery design comes from Farbenmix, and as some of you may have noticed I've used fabrics from Amy Butler's "Lotus Tea Box Collection".


  1. I really like them...on YOU! I don't think I'd do anything to call attention to MY butt.

  2. I like it, they look really cute!

  3. I'm sooo going to steal the idea!!!! I have a pair of jeans that is soooo worn out and I still have the fabric from Miss B :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Kristin L22:30

    I think this means you have to make a black Cabo halter to wear with the jeans. That, or allow more color in your outfits ;-)

  5. kathy07:21

    Ha, I pull out my old sewing machine that has a free-arm on it and then start cursing as I sew two sides, take it out and then attempt to get the other two edges sewn down. I've also been known to just sew them by hand. Love your idea of the folds.

  6. Löwenzahn09:48

    The backside is very nice. It looks so stylish. I think the kneepatches can´t compete with it.

  7. they look great :) Though I don't envy you for all the fumbling... ;)

  8. charlotte18:43

    so cute! the new maddy!

    will the black bet..äh maddy ever come back?

  9. She just needs a black heart.... or maybe she's pilfering her weasely black guts out. o.Ô

  10. Cool! I have many gorgeous fabric swatches from various places and use them for patches too. I had some 10 cm by 10 cm Chanel like boucles. My DDs love them and had to place them on their jeans. I used adhesive product like wonder under to create a collage with various swatches first, then ironed onto jeans. To secure the collage, I used a contrasting embroidery thread and did running stitch or whatever the stitch looked nice with the collage. DDs’ friends loved them, too.

  11. It's a great idea, I like them better now, they are so sweet.

  12. I think they look great. I'm twenty thirteen but I keep patching my jeans with crazier and crazier fabrics, and then they rip MORE, further up, and I have to add more!

    But I have to ask - WHAT ARE THOSE AWESOME SHOES??

  13. very nice of you all, ladies!

    soren - those shoes are from deichmann, a very big shoe discounter here in germany. they are very colorful and completely covered with sequins and pearls. they look very 70s, but i love their style!


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