9. Juni 2007
While I should be seriously working on a pattern that might be released for my shop (if it works out *gg*) I'll show you a bit of what I was working on just as hard (or maybe even harder)...


It might be a hell lot of work, and it might be getting even more work when the yard will be finished somewhen, but nothing makes me as happy as seeing the first buds in spring, seeing the roses bloom or smelling their unbelievable scent when I walk towards my house or when we sit outside in the evening.
We love listening to the humming of busy bees and bumblebees while having breakfast and sipping our tea to the songs of the birds, randomly disturbed by the grunting of a hedghehog, which obviously lives under our terrace.

So, if there's no sewing or knitting here - look outside, I may be in the yard!


  1. Kristin L17:45

    Wow! Gorgeous house and garden. It almost makes up for not living near a sewing/fabric store. And Long John Silver is a perfect flower for a pirate ;-)

  2. *sigh* Roses! *sigh heavily*
    Ours are a little bit withered, but now the hydrangeas are up to their turn. And my lilies, of course.
    And when its all in full bloom, I know it's worth the trouble!

  3. I want to come live with you.

  4. charlotte00:41

    that looks gorgeous! little red riding hood will come very soon, with a little cake without points, sleeping in a tent under the roses. ;-)

  5. Wow, your garden is very beautiful!!! I'm looking forward to your pattern, hope it turns out well :)

  6. I hope, the little red riding hood will bring some wine, too.
    I know, she has some delicious ones in her stock...

  7. Amazing! Love the photos of your garden.

  8. charlotte18:39

    if you promise to come too, kerstin, I'll buy more than one bottle.

  9. thanks for all the lovely comments on my wilderness ;)

    yt & elfy: open door here. just give me 30 minutes to get the heat on my grill before you arrive *g*

  10. Oh my goodness, so beautiful!!!

  11. Oh my, what a wonderful fairy-tale house and yard. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  12. ok, now I am convinced that I really need to come! What a great garden :)


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