The story of the little sad dress.

6. Juni 2007
Once upon a time (let's say about two years ago) there was a little black dress with white polkadots. It was hanging around in a shop, along with other dresses which were just the same... black and polkadotted.
It was summer, and hot.
All the people who were walking in and out of the shop bought summer clothes, but the black dress did not find a new home. Sadly it hung on its clothes hanger, waiting for someone to go home with.
One fine day a girl came in, tried it on and liked it - knowing well that it was unlined and strapless and ... hummmm... anyways, it was black and had polkadots. The girl bought the dress and happily went home.
During the bespoke summer the dress was worn once or twice having lucky days out in the sun, but it wasn't worn very often because of its straplessness. The girl didn't feel comfortable with it and always had the feeling that she needed to hold the dress up somehow.
Fall and winter came, and the dress was packed away in a drawer to sleep.

The following year the dress seemed to be smaller than before (it might also have been the girl has gained some weight, but who knows?)... and again, it was packed away in a dark corner of the closet, sadly dreaming of better days.
Again, fall and winter went by and in spring while sorting out her wardrobe, the girl stumbled over the dress. Still loving polkadots she tried it on to see if the dress really had shrunk, and saw: It fitted again! (A wonder! Some elves must have altered the dress during winter!)
But still, it was strapless. And still, this was a no-go.



Why not add some straps?! And, while the girl was at it, why not add some embellishment to the dress?
in the making
A sketch was made and enlarged (using a pantograph), color decisions were made and finally a mix of free motion embroidery and raw edges applique was started.

The little polkadotted dress felt so good getting so much attention and was proud of getting a new look, which would make it different from the other polkadotted dresses that were in the shop back then. It couldn't wait to see the results.
It took a whole day to finish the embroidery, to get rid of the elastic in the back part of the dress and to sew on a pair of straps, but finally it was DONE.
Being in the process, a small brooch was made and added to the new strap.
Cherry dress finished!
Satisfied with how the dress turned out, the girl is now ready to wear it - without having to pull it up every other minute and without the fear of seeing someone wearing EXACTLY the same.

... and they lived happily ever after :)

Usually I'm not very much into wardrobe refashion (or changing... or mending...), but I just couldn't throw away that dress!


  1. Great Idea! .. and a nice outcome for a cute dress like this.

  2. Fantastic upgrades!

  3. kristin L17:16

    That dress is way too cute to throw away. I hope it and the girl have a wonderful long summer together!

  4. too cute before! now very cute and rock-a-billy! well done and good usage of obscure drafting tool :)

  5. charlotte20:33

    great idea. but now we (me, myself and I) want to see YOU in that little black dress.

  6. yay, what a lucky dress! There's certainly no other quite like! (Or maybe no other quite like the girl?)

  7. Hey, that dress turned out unique and fabulous! Great work and great inspiration, thanks!

  8. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! But wait... no skull? What's wrong with you, girl?

  9. Plese, please, please, may we see it on you. It's so very pretty and summery.

  10. What lovely posting! And dress. Where's the girl wearing it?!
    Your free motion embroidery skills are impressing (I know I said this before...) and oh! the button cherries!! So cute.

  11. And what a great idea it was!

  12. Just catching up on my blog reading and just read this!!!What a great update to a cute dress. Love it


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