Three down, one to go.

17. Juni 2007
Back to normal.
Well, ... almost.
I've been busy as a bee with all kinds of work, including those:


Two of them are customs, the purple one is a (belated) birthday-present for my cousin. She picked the fabrics herself and I have to say that she really has a good taste. I love how it turned out!

So I have three down, but one more to go. It will be made for a window decoration of a small shop here in town.
We're having a big music festival in town, and I was asked if I would be willing to make a bag to exhibit (of course I am... *g*) .

Hope you'll have a nice sunday - I'm taking a day off today. No record purses, please! ;)


  1. charlotte15:27

    wow. they sure look nice!
    window decoration sounds good. soon you will be famous!

    maybe the stickers on the record could be costumized....e.g.:

    Elfenandkampfzwerge singing waterloo...

    with the new owner of the purse as a singer...just an idea.

  2. kristin L17:04

    Or Crazy for Fliegenpilz singing Moskau.....

    On second thought lets not. The purses are "total geil" though! Great idea to have one promoting the music fest. I love the purple patchwork.

  3. charlotte18:55

    let's have karaoke! moskau with the dancing. ho! ha!
    wo man singt, da lass dich ruhig nieder. believe in german proverbs *g*

  4. Wow, my 13 year old guitar playing daughter would kill for those!

  5. love them! sweet! don'e work too hard!

  6. That's a pretty cool idea. I've never seen anything like it before.


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