Accidentally on purpose

21. Juli 2007
Remember me dyeing this fabric?
As mentioned, it came out a bit "shabbier" than I wanted it to be for the planned project, but after thinking about it once or twice it was EXACTLY what I was looking for without knowing it - hence the title of this post.

This time I drafted a pattern from Mrs. Stylebook (issue #145, early summer 2007) - some of you might remember that I was in love with this beautiful jacket. Well, now it's MINE!

MSB Jacket

It took me *days* to finish the basic sloper.
Until this point I always used one of the other slopers, but for this pattern I needed the complete bandwidth of flexibility.
This meant I had to draft a new sloper and had to alter it from A to Z, due to recent measurements change.
Pattern drafting took several hours, but it was worth the effort. The sewing went on astonishingly quick because...

... in the magazine the Jacket isn't lined (they have many unlined clothes!), and though I'm usually not a big fan of unlined things, I sticked to the original as I wanted the jacket to be lightweight. The pieces are interlined completely with woven iron-on interfacing (cotton), and thanks to french seams the inside is looking clean and nice (even unlined!).

After finishing the sewing I added a little special to my "shabby" tussah silk fabric - it was treated with melting powder and gold foil, both used in patchwork for surface design.
I went for a "starry" look which really came out nicely on my testing scrap, but on the actual piece it came out more like "Bob Ross' happy little accident" (again: hence the title of this post).
Now I think it can be called "Shabby Chic", no?!
Anyways, it added a bit of "me" to the otherwise pretty plain jacket.

And as I know you want to see yours truly sporting the jacket: here you are.

Have a nice sunday! ^^


  1. Great jacket - I'm hoping to have the confidence to draft my own patterns one of these days...
    I live in a Victorian hhouse and I find myself describing it as 'Shabyy chic without the chic'...but your jacket has definitely got the chic ;0)

  2. kristin L21:49

    So cute, and so you. Yea Bob Ross and happy accidents!

  3. It is gorgeous! Love the constellation of stars. It looks great on you. Another fabulous piece in your collection!

  4. ohmigosh I love it. Love the sleeves, the fit the cut. Love everything about it.

  5. Wow! That jacket looks great on you. It's always nice when the time spent on work produces great results.

  6. I'm speechless, what a FANTASTIC work of art you have there! Truly inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Hey cool!
    Und da sieht man wieder, es gibt gar keine richtigen Unfälle beim Färben, man muss nur die richtigen Einfälle fürs Endergebnis haben :)

  8. Anonymous18:29

    Skull and Crossbones ist das häufigste Symbol moderner Rassisten. Derjenige, welcher es vorzeigt, will seinen Stolz darauf zum Ausdruck bringen, dass er zumindest einen Menschen umgebracht hat, der irgendwie anders ist als er selbst.

  9. Katrin, you did a fantastic job on the jacket! Congratulations. Love the look on you.

  10. stänkern - und dann auch noch anonym - finde ich ganz toll.
    weder bin ich rassistisch noch habe ich jemanden umgebracht oder hätte das vor.
    wie bereits gesagt verwende ich mein label als piratensymbol, und als nichts anderes.
    wer bei sowas harmlosem wie einem label, schuhen, t-shirts o. ä. sofort an mord und totschlag denkt, ist ein armer geist.
    künftig werde ich mir vorbehalten, solche kommentare zu löschen.
    vorwürfe von leuten, die noch nichtmal mutig genug sind ihren namen zu hinterlassen, muß ich mir nicht geben.
    herzlichen dank aber für den hinweis. mein label bleibt "piratig", denn ich bin ein freibeuter und freigeist.

    thanks to all the other ladies for the jacket love! :)

  11. i cannot believe that you know of Bob Ross and his happy trees and happy fan brush...that just cracks me up!!!

  12. Wow! The jacket is amazing, love the sleeves, and love the Bob Ross action. Very cool.

  13. Really cool jacket!

  14. charlotte17:59

    blogspot likes to munch my comments...

    like that jacket, the sleeves are very interesting. yamamoto style, may be combined with a very long and tight skirt. black leather?

    always longing to see your next project:

  15. The jacket is fabulous--you did a beautiful job!!

  16. kathy16:53

    I never cease to be amazed at your sewing abilities. Love all the artistic touches and the professional finishing. Beautiful jacket.


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