13. Juli 2007

Mail and Mending

A call out of the black hole...

Today was mail day!


Now I'm proud owner of two "Patrones" issues with awesome patterns included.
I don't speak spanish (except for some tourist sentences), but my colleage is able to read it if there would be trouble, and in the end I mostly don't read instructions at all.
Unfortunately it looks like I'm right between two sizes.
Though I know how to cope with that problem, I'm a bit disappointed. You know that I'm lazy by nature, and drafting "the size between" is so freaking boring!
Speaking of it: A very good tutorial on how to do this can be found at Tany's blog. She describes the process very well and has made good (almost self-explaining) pictures, so I only can recommend to check back there if you always wanted to sew a special pattern but didn't get the right size.
Also in my mailbox: The new issue (#146) of "Mrs. Stylebook" and another japanese sewing magazine, called "Cotton Friend". I know you folks want a sneak peek inside, so click on the button under the picture to see a short slideshow (new window will open).


View slideshow

Honestly, I'm NOT as much in love as with the issues before.
There's a lot of things inside I'd never wear or would plainly call ugly, but of course that's a matter of taste. Mine is a bit strange, I know... ;)
Also, they have included some childrens patterns. Those are really cute, but I don't think I'd take the time to draft for a child - it would have grown out of the clothes before I even finished drafting!
But there are very pretty things inside, too!

Besides sitting in my black hole, I made some custom knitting needle rolls which were requested in my shop, cleaned and re-organized my sewing room (different story!), sewed something for me (to come...), worked on my pattern (with a hint from Kerstin - Thanks, dear!) and finally did a HUGE pile of mending, of which I just want to show one piece that turned out to be really lovely:

Mushroom Mending

My sister's jeans are now officially "gefliegenpilzt".
Of course you all know that the machine embroidery designs come from Farbenmix.de. :)

Hope you enjoyed the insight in MSB - have a nice weekend!

Kommentare :

  1. I just ordered that Mrs. Stylebook a few days ago. Can't wait to see what's inside!

  2. I have just got my copy of Mrs Style, and I like some of the ones you have in your slideshow. Your post reminds me that I have a pile of mending, hemming and so on :) Have a good weekend!

  3. charlotte06:48

    thx for the slides. I love the white blouse.
    funny, you're sitting in a black hole, too. it'll take me 8 working days to come out.
    looking forward to your next piece of wearable art.

  4. Thanks for mentioning me, Katrin! I wish you the best of luck with Patrones and I can't wait to see what you will come up with from it! The winter issue you now have is one of my favorites ever! I also ordered Mrs Stylebook and another Japanese Patern book (I believe you have it also?): it's the Favorite Black Clothes Patterns book.

    Hugs from Portugal!

  5. Kristin L18:01

    "Gefliegenpilzt!" You crack me up!!

    Happy sewing this weekend ;-)

  6. Wow those are great looking mags. Thanks for putting them up for us. Love the touch on the jean : )

  7. Gefliegenpilzt... might be the word 2007

  8. Hello !
    For the Patrones patterns... take care... it depends on the brand you choose to sew. I made the "Monica Cappellini" dress from the june issue. I 'm between 36 and 38 and made the 40... and it is just perfect ! You have to try with the pattern first !
    Enjoy your fabulous new magazines !!!

  9. I have a friend in Japan now for work and I plan on sending him a list of magazines and hopefully books to track down (if he has time). Thanks for adding more to the list!

  10. twollin15:51

    If you have covered this, please forgive me, but I just got Mrs. Stylebook and it looks as if the way it works is: The pictures that you see in the book of the garments are really based on basic patterns that are inserted in the magazine and the directions supposedly tell you how to change the particular basic pattern shape in order to make the garment pictured. Am I right?

  11. Thanks for the slideshow; no opportunity here to see these mags, otherwise.

  12. ladies, i knew you'd like to peek!
    see? i know you ;)

    tany: no need to thank, the tute is fabulous and it's a pleasure to give the hint for others to see!

    florence, thanks for the hint on the different sizes with different patterns. i think i will measure the pattern before i decide for a size!

    twollin: yes, you are right. the patterns are based on the basic sloper, which you will have to draft (and adjust) to fit your very own measurements.
    then you will be able to draft any pattern from the magazine.
    take the time to make a muslin for the first pieces and you'll soon find out on which measurements you will have to take a second look before drafting (like upper arms & stuff).
    a basic knowledge of pattern drafting is helpful (but not absolutely neccessary...).

  13. gefliegenpilzt! just proves my theory that any word can be germanized and turned into a verb

    i really like hte new knitting needle cases in your shop - very clever

  14. you know, you could have said something about those Patrones... ;) Not that I ever actually made something from one of their patterns :o but some look really great.


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