Nightmare on Knit Street & the Awakening

28. Juli 2007
Problems FIXED! Please scroll down to see the final result :)

Isabella - Front Isabella - Back

Pattern: Isabella by Knitty
Yarn: Austermann "Algarve" in black (obviously) - 100% cotton.
This yarn knits up like a dream, I surely will use it again!
Knit on 3 mm circs.

If this were a pattern review I would have to say "pattern did not work for me" - with accentuation on "for ME".
Let me say it: It's a beautiful tank top! I fell in love with it the moment this Knitty issue came out. Some time later I went to the shop and really got some yarn that would work. I made a gauge, adjusted needle sizes and off I went:

Pretty satisfied with the built-in picot edge hemline. Yes, I think that would have been the way to go.
I *love* the lace pattern!
The picking up stitches around the armhole went well. I dare to say it even looks good if you just look at the pick-up-line, not at the picot!
The latter turned out to be the "nightmare factor" of this project. I wanted a picot edge, not wings! (Have those already ^.^)

Afterwards, I just can say it's my personal knitting nightmare.
The knitting itself went well and it was fun (though I would change the pattern now), but the outcome ist just.... *sigh*
I still don't know if to frog the armhole edging or not. If I do, I know exactly that I won't be in the mood to reknit them and Isabella will finally die, buried in my big black box of UFOs.
If you have a solution that doesn't contain the words "frogging" or "ripping", tell me!

Things I would improve if I would do this again / hints I would give to others:

  • Knit the main body in the round. No seaming, no bulk, no fuss.
  • Pick up less stitches around the armhole for the picot edging!
    The pattern calls for 1 st in each bound off st plus 3 st for every 4 rows. Too much, believe me. Don't trust me? Well, then have a look at my "wings"...
  • Adjust neckline to be "finished". The neckline is left with raw edges and some curious points at the upper front V-neck. Nope. Definitely.

Yes, I will wear Isabella.
Maybe I will also take her to town, but I'm not sure of it right now.
At the moment she sleeps in my wardrobe, waiting for better weather and a better mood of "someone who randomly knits".

EDIT #1 (29.07.07): RIP IT!

Rip it!

Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate your help. Of course I know that you were right about the ripping. I knew it from the start, but... well... one tries. I knew I wouldn't wear this the way it was. Maybe all I needed was you kicking my lazy "lower backside" ;)The wings have been ripped and one side is reknitted already, using a smaller (2.5 mm) needle and only the bound off stitches were picked up (and I even omitted some of those!).
Until now it looks good to me, but it isn't sewn yet. I'll keep you updated with the results.

EDIT #2 (31.07.2007): FIXED! 

Isabella by Knitty - fixed!

After ripping those odd looking picot edges I reknit them on smaller needles (2.5 mm) and only used the bound off stitches.
Now... doesn't she look wonderful?!
I really ove her and can't wait for better weather to take her out!
Guess who's happy!?!


(Still - If you want to knit this, have a look at my hints above...)


  1. I love your Isabella.
    You knit beautifully.
    It's too bad about the 'wings'. Could you thread through a thin ribbon and pull tighter?
    Hope you do end up wearing Isabella. She's too beautiful to leave languishing.

  2. It looks wonderful!!!

  3. Katrin, unfortunately, I have no alternative to offer than to "frogg it".
    Maybe in a week or so, you might consider doing it, since it won't take too long to re-knit it again.
    Regarding the neckline, what about a "normal" V-neckline finish with only 3 or 4 rows.
    Otherwise, it's really beautiful!

  4. kristin L21:35

    Being less than an occassional knitter I'm not sure if it would work, but could you rip out just the wings and finish off the arm holes with a crochet edge?

  5. charlotte07:04

    I would suggest a picot-crochet edge, too.

  6. It's so pretty even though it has wings. Love the way it looks with the red polka dot scarf. Not sure how to cure the wings without frogging :(

  7. It's so pretty even with the "wings"! I'm sorry it didn't work for you,... I think this model looks best in black; I like the way it stays close to the waist and the lace looks really beautiful!

  8. mmh, wings....
    somehow that reminds me of my elspeth, who might go to the frog pond in the end too... somehow it is still too big :(
    But I love the lace pattern... I think I have to qeue that one to my ravelry list too :)

  9. Frog it... I'm sorry, but I think, there are too many stitches in your border. That's why you've got your little "wings".
    So... frog it, use minor stitches, a smaller needle or make a picot edge. Otherwise you won't wear it... believe me, I know all of it! ;)

  10. It's perfect now! Aren't you glad you frogged ? :)

  11. YES!!!! You saved it! GREAT!!

  12. kathy16:48

    Wow, what a difference that made. It lets the detail of the lacework really shine. It's just beautiful, great job!

  13. Phew! Great saving of the lovely tank. Congrats!!

  14. Whenever you have the slightest idea of frogging something because it doesen't just look the way you'd love it to - do it! Not only the result will look better, you will feel better about the whole thing. And you'll actually be wearing it.
    Congrats on this beauty!

  15. she looks great! Congrats :)

  16. Well, there you go! Beautiful!

  17. kristin L15:51

    Much better! She really is pretty :-)

  18. Tamara09:56

    I LOVE your sweater with the redone picot edging. It looks beautiful. Great job!

  19. the picture of the scissors and pile of yarn scared me - i was worried that more than just the "wings" went....the end result is beautiful

  20. Didn't we tell you? Tz....

    Now it looks perfect! Just perfect and pretty kewl³!

  21. charlotte11:24

    so cool. can we have the picture with mad inside? it really is perfect now.


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