FO and the scissors murder

24. August 2007
An everlasting WIP finally turned out an FO. Hooray!

ginko shoulder bag

A closeup of the Ginko leaves can be found here.
The bag turned out pretty nice, don't you agree? I'd wear it myself if it wasn't a custom (okay, and if it wasn't dark-green *g*)

I was almost done with my work yesterday night and I just had to cut back some seam allowances when it happened... oh, forgive me whining here, but.... I MURDERED MY DRESSMAKER'S SCISSORS! Can you hand me a tissue, please?

Yes, I'm a scissors murderer. Oh, woe is me!
To make the long story short: It was late. Very late. I was tired and eager to finally finish my work, when this happened.
You know, I leave my needles pinned to the piece while I sew. I pin them 90° to the seamline, so I can just sew over them without something happening.
Then I take them out.
Each one.
Except one, which had a dark green head and which I obviously missed.
Then I thought of cutting back the bespoken seam allowance.
....... and found the needle.
Results: Bag finished, Scissors blunt. Hope the man at the key-service can fix it.

Now you may judge me for that crime.
But please take into consideration that I can look very innocent. Imagine that look before you judge.

Have a nice day & take care of your scissors. Like most things we use everyday you'll miss them only after they're gone!


  1. Oh. no. Yeah... I hate being without the scissors. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Innocent? Well... you've murdered your OWN scissor. It would be a serious crime if you've murdered someone else's scissor.
    So, you have punished yourself.... Solomon-like smile...

    Cute bag!

  3. Alright, I confess.. I've dropped my scissor. Unfortunately it fell exactly on my toe... *yeeks* Fortunately not NOT with its pointy end.

  4. Great bag!

    Murdered? Nah....just injured. Nothing the sharpening man won't be able to fix for you. How long can you go without having them sharpened anyway? Mine are way overdue.

  5. The quilting design on the ginko leaves reminds me of sun shining down on their veins, so much movement. They're beautiful to look at.

    I'm on my second pair of fabric scissors. The first met their fate with a short fall from the ironing board onto a saltillo tile floor, they never had a chance.

  6. You did a fantastic job with that bag Katrin - the colours are vibrant!

    I do hope your scissors will get fixed in no time. I know I'd go crazy without mine! Hope they won't be long at the scissors hospital ;)

  7. No comments about the scissors-murder, since I don't sew, so I don't know what this would mean. Although I guess that a blunt scissor isn't so very productive to cutting fabric.

    Otherwise: Gorgeous bag!!! I LOVE the green! And was that silk you used?

  8. That bag looks fabulous!!!
    I hope the scissors can be fixed... Probably they can, I've seen wonders out of those scissor sharpeners. I'm kind of paranoid with my tools/notions; I always keep spares on hand (including spare bulb lights for the SM and serger).

  9. oooh scheibenkleister :)
    Die Tasche ist superduperschön.... VIelleicht sollten wir mal Taschen-Wollentausch machen :) Ich hab hier auch gerade eine liegen, aber die ist auch nicht für mich...

  10. the purse is gorgeous - but the scissors...ach gottim himmel!
    how could you do it?@?@?@? i would say crime of passion...

  11. Traumhaft schöne Tasche!
    Außerdem hast du mich auf eine Idee gebracht (wenn es okay ist):
    Ich liebe Ginkgo und habe ihn schon oft in der einen oder anderen Form verschenkt, als Hesse-Gedicht, als Musik, getrocknetes Blatt irgendwo aufgeklebt, als echten Mini-Baum...

    Hier liegt seit Wochen eine fast fertig genähte Tasche herum und wartet sowohl auf ihre allerletzte Naht als auch auf etwas Verzierung. Ich denke, ich habe mein Motiv gefunden.
    Herzliche Grüße
    aus Hamburg


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