27. August 2007
I found him on my doorstep yesterday.

On my doorstep

His sign reads "Searching a loving home".
I took him inside and over to my nephew, knowing that THERE he will find exactly what he was searching for...
I was right.
After a little while of eyeing each other ...

So... you're WHO?

... they knew that they were meant to be friends.


Lucky aunt!

Bear with me

It took me blood, sweat and tears (in the sense of the word) and a huge amount of hopefully child-proof hand-sewing to finish HuBÄRt. But I did. I made a series of (different) bears about 12 years ago, and this one reminded me of why I quit making them.
But let me tell you a secret: I would make them in an endless row, just to be given that smile again!



  1. kristin L13:08

    Lucky nephew to have an aunt willing to make HuBärt! He's adorable.

    Good luck on your 10,000 steps -- I hope you're not walking in such high heels ;-) Your ways look enjoyable though.

  2. good. golly. mollly! you made that?!! was there a pattern? or did you just whip that up off the top of your head? truly amazing.

  3. You are a wonderful aunt and your nephew is a cutie. Love your neighborhood photos. Lisa

  4. Wow!!! My mom made me a bear when I was a girl. It seems so difficult!!! I love your work.

    And what a great Aunt you are!!!!

  5. Hubärt and newphew are darn cuuuute!
    I'll be making a pink princess gown soon.... argh...

  6. charlotte21:02


  7. That is just waaaaay too cute!

  8. Amazing I never would have guessed from the picture that it was created by real hands!! Just beautiful.

  9. That is so cute. Your nephew is a gorgeous little boy!

  10. What a sweet little bear you've made!! Perfect!

  11. HuBARt is so perfectly sweet! He's so easy to fall in love with!

  12. so kind of you all - thank you very much for your bear-love and the compliments for the cutest nephew on earth!


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