Knitting Needle Roll - Take 150!

20. August 2007
Here they are... my first StyleLab orders... need to show off a little bit, knowing that you may gracefully forgive me showing the 100th knitting needle roll in the history of my little blog.
I enjoy to make those, and at this moment I don't have my head free for bigger projects for me.

Custom Knitting Needle Roll

I really like how they turned out, and I know that you think the first one would be "me", but I especially love the second one (Ha! Surprised, right?!).
Nothing beats the yummy "Chocolate Lollipop" fabric by Anna Maria Horner! Maybe because I'm a chocolate eater? Just the sound of it makes me drool... SCHOoo-KOoo-LAaa-DEee...

Off. Having some *real* chocolate and maybe do something "real", too.

Btw: What are you doing in front of your PC? Don't you have things to sew, knit, crochet or... ???
Have a nice day! ;)


  1. I love those. Very pretty. The first one is my favorite.

  2. mmmh, I'm in front of the PC because someone wrote me an email :) and because I'll be knitting during CSI :)

  3. these came out so nice!!

  4. kristin L21:16

    I WAS looking at eye candy, but now I'm wondering if we have any chocolate stashed in the house...

  5. I sit in front of the pc, knitting. first socks ever, have some knots in my fingers.
    ha! I knew you wouldn't do "nothing". wonderful rolls. first one is my fave.
    fleißiges bienchen!

  6. Wow! Ich bin ja immer baff, Deine genaehten Sachen, insb. diese Nadelrolle zu sehen!

  7. Lovely! What an eye candy!!

  8. I love the needle rolls and the fabric!! I could look at these forever so it's no matter if it is needle roll 100 or needle roll 1000!! Just about to get back to my sewing - honest!! Just another 50 blogs to go.....

  9. The needle rolls are great! I made a hook case/roll for myself, but now it looks not so delicious:)


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