Mellow Yellow

6. August 2007
Caution: Self Promotion! ^-^

I definitely had one of my "Happy Hippy Moods" when I made this record purse...
Anyways, I loved the "Chocolate Lollipop" fabric line from the beginning, and I decided that at least two of the fabrics needed to be turned into a record bag.

Mellow Yellow Record Purse

I was struggling if I should put it on sale or not, as the colors are so very cheerful and lovely... in fact I thought about keeping it for myself, but then decided that one record bag is enough for me - at least for the moment.

The "Mellow Yellow" LP purse is available in ye olde shoppe.

End of self-promotion. ;)


  1. The bag is fantastic!! What a cool idea!

  2. charlotte11:19

    I am the proud owner of one of these cool record purses. always something people want to have a look at, asking how it is made....


  3. That's a brilliant bag!!


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