November Rain

19. August 2007
After Marietta told me that my blog is mentioned over at (a big women magazine over here in Germany) I didn't know what to say. I don't consider myself being a knitter. But somehow I don't consider myself being a *insertwhateveryouwanthere*, too... Maybe I'm just someone who accidentally does what she does right now.

Anyways, I do know what to show you for that knitter-thing:

november rain

The first knee-heights of my life. Took me forever, but yesterday the second sock jumped off my needles.

november rain

Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise, colorway "Gewitterhimmel". The pictures don't do the yarn justice - it's adorable in its different hues of blue!
Knit on 2.5 mm dpns, top-down. Please note the little picot edge... I'm in love with picots lately ^-^
Pattern: none, but I officially felt highly inspired by the Mata Hari socks and the lovely Spiral Boot Socks pictured in Interweave Knits (Summer 2007). I changed the pattern of Mata Hari slightly, but I think it's noticeable that they are "relatives", no?!

I started out with 72 stitches and had 64 sts left when I reached the foot. It was a bit freakin' to get the decreases done in a "nice" way, but I can live with the result. The socks will be hidden in boots anyway.

One last thing and I'm off, going to a birthday party: What do you think of yours truly's new color(s) & cut?


Bad pic, I know. Darker in real. The red surely will be back somewhen, but right now I feel like chocolate brown with four-color-streaks and a windmachine look.

Speaking of wind... I need to hurry!
Have a nice sunday out there ^-^


  1. charlotte16:47

    wow, nice hairdo! wonderful new socks. do you have a lifelong free subscription of frigitte now?
    c u soon!

  2. I like the new style and the new color. Wish I could knit even a scarf!

  3. Fantastic socks! I love knitting socks b/c they're so portable. I love the spirals on yours simply because they'd make people have to fight the urge to take hold of them and twist them around the other know like when you pull your tights on and they're twisted! LOL, I do need a vacation!

  4. P.s. Hair is very chic!

  5. Da hat die junge Frau aber wieder was Feines gezaubert... ;-)
    Einfach klasse, Katrin!!!
    Lass' uns gemeinsam weiter von Handarbeit zu Handarbeit stolpern, nach dem 20. Chevron und dem 20. Paar Socken muessen wir uns dann aber doch mal als Strickerin bezeichnen... nee, ich wuerde sagen, das kannst Du sowieso schon nicht mehr abstreiten, machst ja nicht nur Socken...!
    Huebsches Maedchen uebrigens, Schokolade ist genau das Richtige fuer den nahenden Herbst.

  6. a: I love your hair. My hair is very long, and I am dreaming of a much shorter style. I love yours.

    b: I LOVE your socks. Fantastically cute. I wish I had the know how, but I'm still very much a novice knitter.

  7. Hey, super Haarschnitt, leider sind meine Haare soooo dünn, dass ein solche Frisur genau 23 Millisekunden halten würde.... ABer die Farbe ist auch yummy.

    Und die Socken eh... Vielleicht sollte ich mal mehr Wolle färben und mir auch Kneesocks machen... Dann wenn die anderen 3242340 Projekte fertig sind :)

  8. Kewl³ new haircut... fits perfectly for yours truly. ;)

    Doesn't the knee highs slip down? I love the colour...

  9. rockin' hair and you need to WRITE a pattern for the socks because i can't live without my own pair.

  10. Your socks are simply wonderful. The color is brilliant. I love your hairstyle. I have naturally black hair and I wish I could color it more often. The picot edgings are aces!!

  11. Congrats on the Brigitte mention! The picot knee socks are really cool with those shoes. The next pair of sock I knit will be knee highs, they're so tempting. And I love your windmachine hair do. My hair refuses to do anything but flop on my head :(

  12. Love those socks! Terrific color and pattern. I'm not a knitter - at all! But these might just convince me to take it up...

  13. Your new cut looks fabulous. I've been working the same style for over ten years now so something so stylish and hip makes me jealous :)

    I received the most delightful package on Saturday. Thank you! How did you know I've been wanting a set of stitch markers? I'll consider that an early birthday present.

    I'm feeling very inspired to get started on the jacket. Lots of fabrics in my stash competing for the honor. I'll keep you posted.

    xoxo, kathy

  14. Hmmmm....Autumn is approaching...I should try knit myself some longer socks, too. ;-)

  15. barbara13:53

    wow gratuliere zur geschichte :)
    die socken sind wunderschön - ich glaube das hat schon jemand gefragt: bleiben die auch oben??

    der windmachine look steht dir sehr gut ;)

  16. dankeschön & thank you! ^-^

    successful fishing for compliments, that was! *g*

    jap, die socken bleiben oben - kein problem. selbst wenn nicht, würden ohnehin stiefel drüberkommen, also wär's "wurscht".
    falls ich mir nicht sicher gewesen wäre, hätte ich vermutlich "strick-elastik" mitlaufen lassen in den oberen reihen. das erledigt das problem mit dem rutschen auch :)

  17. love the knee-hi's! i have been wanting to make something similar and just could not remember where i saw the pattern... need to get my hands on some wollmeise sock yarn one ofthese days...cute new hair -cut and colour!

  18. Wow, GREAT knee-heights socks!!!!!!!
    (btw, you look great too ;)))

  19. wow, they're beautiful! I love Gewitterhimmel, too. How much yarn did you need?
    Congrats on the Brigitte-mentioning and the new pretty haircut!

  20. luv the hair!! Did i tell you how much your stuff inspires me! Ha! Love it all!

  21. I *wish* my hair could do that. It looks awesome.


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