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22. September 2007
Unfortunately I'm back from my vacation.

making footprints

It was wonderful!
Cold, windy, sunny, rainy... all just wonderful!
We spent hours and hours just walking (more than 10.000 steps a day!), visited places we've been a thousand times before, like Friedrichstadt (which has a blue bridge with a very funny background story) or Husum, the "grey town by the sea", like Theodor Storm called it.
Doesn't look that grey to me, but maybe it depends on the point of view?


We've been to many other places and I really feel guilty about not visiting Tini - the time was too short and our vacation was ending right after it began, or so it seemed.


Coming home is a bittersweet joy, don't you agree? It's the joy of coming home, but always has the tiny bit of "bitter flavour" of getting back to normal.

And normality is here again! I can't fight the feeling someone fed the dustbunnies while I was away... very fishy. Is there a misterious dust-bunny-feeder in my neighborhood? I will have to find out right after I cleaned up a bit (and... wow... WHO needed all the clothes???).
As for normality: Yesterday I already made some custom needle rolls and a new project bag, but today I won't have an alibi to avoid housework (damn!).

10.000 stepsSo, I really had a good time away from home and work, so let this entry be my part of last weeks' 10.000 step theme "Joy". It surely was joy for me and the hubby and obviously Hazel and Charlotte found joy, too!
Next week: Creativity. Thanks, Hazel!

.... Aaaaaaaand a funny one for the way home: Klick!

Have a nice day out there. Don't forget to feed the dustbunnies! ^-^


  1. Walking really is the best exercise! Glad you enjoyed your vacation. And welcome back!

  2. Again, I have to say that you've missed your calling as a photographer!

  3. Ach ja, schön, dass du deine Urlaubserlebnisse als "Joy" eingebracht hast.

    Am Meer bin ich auch sehr gerne. Ich mag den Wind (wenn er nicht zu scharf bläst) und die Weite...

    Das Wasser wird kalt gewesen sein, habt ihr es getestet? ;)

  4. Looks like you have had a lovely time. Comming home is always both good and sad.

  5. Welcome back!
    PS: Heute hat's schon gelacht! Dankeschoen.


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