Heading north

12. September 2007
I'm leaving tomorrow...

...for a one-week vacation.
Not much, I know... but the first that will be longer than three days for four years now.
We both finally managed to get some days off, letting the work at and around the house go and have some quiet and windswept days at the northern shore.


Hope to see you around when I'm back.


  1. kristin L21:17

    Appropriately, we've been listening to Kinderdisco for days on end here and have Volker Rosin on the brain. "Urlaub, endlich Urlaub!"

  2. Have a nice vacation and I hope you'll have fine weather. ;)

    But you know what happens to pixies, when they hear the seagulls call them.. or was that something that only happens to elves? Can't remember... *ggg*

  3. hope to see you before that :)

  4. Have a great vacation, Katrin!

  5. Beautiful photo!
    I remember having a fantastic cup of ice cream in St. Peter Ording back when I was fourteen... think of me when you are enjoying one, too... on the promenade that was... anyways, have a pleasant time!

  6. marisa17:29

    Have a great trip!

  7. Enjoy and relax! A full week of real vacation sounds great.

  8. Have a nice time : )

  9. Enjoy your rest! Sara x

    Don't forget to add your DaWanda shop to the directory at http://dawandashopdirectory.blogspot.com/


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