"Anne of Green Cables"

25. September 2007
Kent made a beautiful "cable swatch" lately, and I'm a sucker for cabled sweaters. Somehow I felt the urge to knit something cable-ish, too. Never did that before - except for some smaller cables on my Baudelaire-socks...

I fell in love with this one the moment I thumbed through the magazine:

Aran Mini Wrap

It's the "Aran Mini Wrap Sweater" - Model No. 22 from OnLine magazine, issue Autumn/Winter 2007 (scroll to the right side to see the original model)
Yarn: Linie 20 "Cora" by OnLine, colorway #44 (It's more like a lime green, the pictures don't do the yarn justice!)
Knit on 5.0 mm circular needles

I began knitting this three weeks ago. If this were a "full sized" sweater it would have driven me crazy (it wouldn't be finished by now, though). The cables are fun to knit, but it takes oh-so-long to finish just one repeat! You can't count patience for one of my good attributes, if there are any.

Funny thing that I don't like to sew knitted pieces together, but true. That's why I tend to use patterns which are worked in the round completely. This time I'm quite happy with the seams - maybe because I paid a lot of attention to it and ripped every seam at least twice until I decided they're okay.

In whole, it might not look exactly as wonderful as in the magazine, but I'm very happy with the outcome! The yarn is soft, it's warm, it feels cozy and the color will be perfect with white as well as with black ^-^

Aran Mini Wrap

Obviously this is only suitable to wear with blouses or turtlenecks, but this surely will be a fun little thing to keep my shoulders warm during fall.

It isn't noticeable in the pictures where I'm wearing the sweater, but the cable pattern that runs down both sides of the back also runs down each sleeve.
For a better view of the sleeves and the pattern "as such" I made additional backside and front pictures where the mini wrap is laid out flat. You'll also find a detail-shot of the cable repeat on flickr.

Fun project! ♥
Get your knitting needles ready and make a small item for yourself!

*** EDIT 12.02.2008 ***
As I am consequently asked about it I will add some information here for your convenience:
The pattern is from a print magazine by ONline yarns (see link above), not from an online magazine, as many people may think.
As far as I know there is no english version of this magazine. If there is or if you found a store for my international friends to get this mag, please let me know so I can link to it. Thanks! ^-^


  1. Petra20:16

    Liebe Katrin,

    super, super schön. Ich gratuliere Dir zu diesem tollen Teil.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Wow. That turned out really good. I like it. Good job!

  3. kristin L21:41

    That is too freakin' cute! I love the color, love the cables, love the name!!

  4. Das sieht ja super cool aus.

  5. Katrin, such a great little top!! Love the lime color, too. It makes me think about going to my LYS for this booklet. Congratulations!! Really nice on you.

  6. You never did cables before? Only on your socks? And then THIS?!?
    I am totally amazed by your skills. So cool. Stunning. I barely have any words for it as my jar still is kind of dropped... how do I manage to smile like mad at the same time?! Definitely has to do with the fabulous title of this post.
    Anne, you did it again! I'm so proud of you.

  7. Wow, what gorgeous colour and the detail is just fantastic! Well done. Im off to go hunting those patterns

  8. Beautiful! I love the profusion of cables... and the shade of green you chose! :)

  9. charlotte18:46

    that little thing is really wonderful. okay, the colour... is not mine. but in this case it can't be black or you won't see the gorgeous cables.
    chapeau, mrs. mad!

  10. Wow! Your wrap is gorgeous!

  11. Stunning! And perfect. My browser didn't like the magazine website (I couldn't move over to the right to see the original), but I'd be surprised if the magazine version were better than this!

    Thanks for sharing the extra photos too!!


  12. Obviously this is only suitable to wear with blouses or turtlenecks, but this surely will be a fun little thing to keep my shoulders warm during fall.
    Is it? *fg*

    Just kidding.. nice cable work.

  13. You and you alone make me wish I could knit.

  14. Very pretty! It looks great, and 3 weeks sound like nothing for such a not-small project. Just wow.

  15. This is incredibly gorgeous - love the pattern and the color, the cables are beautiful! Found you on the Flickr handknit street style group and had to pop by to say hi - your blog looks great.

  16. OMG, this is FABULOUS!!!! I'm totally in love with this sweater!!! Katrin, this sweater is a dream!!!

  17. That is so stunning! The green and the cables!

  18. It looks e.x.c.e.l.l.e.n.t on you!

  19. AMAZING! really really really cool! and you don't consider you a knitter????

  20. I *LOVE* this! It's beautiful!


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