On a roll

3. September 2007
am I with those needle-rolls.

Lately I made a variation of it - a crochet hook case.

the set

Together with a project bag this one went out to himawari - I hope she will like it and it will be of good use for her. I'm sewing bags for quite some time now, but I tell you that the inset square bottom and top gave me cold sweat for some reason...

Another thing went out today.


I can't show you the whole thing now, as I think there may be some lurking now and then, but I can tell you that it goes out to a very gifted knitter whose work I really admire. ^-^

Many knitters in this posting, no?!
I'm off.
NOT knitting. ;)


  1. Ohhhhhhh, someone is very lucky for getting this lovely gift!!!

  2. ... The fabric is great!

  3. Your rolls are so cool - amazing how many of them you already did but that may be the reason why they look that good.

  4. You choose the best fabrics for your projects!


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