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9. September 2007
Finished yesterday, worn today.

Vero Moda Blouse

"Vero Moda" Blouse, sewn from a Patrones fashion magazine pattern (Model No. 39 from issue 249).
I decided to sew this blouse right after I saw it.
I just LOVE the insets on the front! Almost looks like a dress shirt to me... the kind your husband would wear with his tuxedo ^-^

As a design feature I decided to make the topstitching in a contrasting color... thought this might add a bit of "interest" to an otherwise plain white blouse, so all visible seams and the buttonholes are stitched with a bright green embroidery thread.
No chance for normality around here!

Vero Moda Blouse

Yes, I like how it turned out. ♥

The sewing instructions are in spanish, so I couldn't read them properly. They would have been short, anyways.
From some numbers I decided to make the tucks 0.7 mm deep - obviously the right decision. I also couldn't decide how to make the cuffs, so I went for a bias-bound slit and an underlay. This is as good or as bad as anything else.

Things learned while sewing this pattern:
- Spanish women must have ridiculous thin upper arms.
- The body-measurements given in the instructions section are not true to the patterns. If I didn't measure the pattern, I would have ended up with a blouse 2 sizes too big.
- Spanish women are taller than me AND taller than the BWOF-people (168 cm). I still don't know if I should have taken out an additional cm in length? ...
- Silver Quilting Marker which washes out completely from a quilt even after ironing, but it won't wash out from fashion fabric.

In spite of all this I will definitely sew a little more "spanish". They have fun & funky patterns, and in the end I just can quote Tim Taylor: WHO NEEDS INSTRUCTIONS?! ^-^

FYI: The fabric for this blouse is an inexpensive (and somehow a bit shine-through) cotton-poplin I bought some time ago without having a special project in mind. Think it was 5 €/m, but I'm not sure.
The faux mother-of-pearl buttons jumped into my bag at my last flea-market visit. I got them in two different sizes, so the cuffs and the collar button are a bit smaller than the rest. I like that!

And for a better view of the blouse: A full front- and backside-shot as well as yours truly modelling the blouse can be found on flickr.

Serious spanish sewing.
Yeah. Still got the groove!
Now, off...
Doing serious housework... :p


  1. What a great blouse. I am always in need of a plain white blouse! I had the same 'too big' issue with the one Patrones blouse I did. But, I would do it again in a minute because I like the style so much. Especially if they look at good as yours does!

  2. charlotte00:22

    muy bonita!

  3. Wow, what a great blouse! I agree with you on the sleeve issue and also that they put too much wearing ease to some close fitting looking garmets. It's a good practice to always measure the pattern. I give you five out of five stars for this blouse! Oh, and I love the contrasting green thread! Great idea idea that I might "steal" in the future ;)!

  4. Lovely blouse, especially with your vest. The two together are perfect.

  5. The contrasting topstitching is the perfect finishing touch. It is difficult to find designs for white shirts with interesting details, but you've found one with two interesting details, the pleated front yoke and the extra long cuffs. It's such a pretty blouse, like something from this local store called Rayure that carries a French brand for ladies shirts.

  6. genial... ich war immer noch nicht an der Nähmaschine (dafür sind jetzt 6 Gläser Birnenmarmelade eingekocht und 12 Std Gartenarbeit getan...)

  7. Great blouse. I like that it's a classic white blouse with a twist...the green topstitching.

  8. I so want this blouse...! Thanks for the tip about measuring the flat pattern. I have made one Patrones pattern and it was huge, I'm somewhat relieved to hear that it's not just me.

  9. Your blouse look really beautiful!!
    Like det green contrasting colour.
    Enjoy!!! Brilliant job :o)

  10. Great blouse! I like the green buttonholes, they look kinky.
    And your modelling picture... kewl³...

  11. Katrin, honestly, you left me speechless with both your latest projects. Both sooo you (by the way, you look so fresh and young in that sweater, the colour suits you very well!!) and just fabulous.
    I admire your skills and feel inspired to make myself a real, fitting blouse, one day, too. And I feel silly because I have been starting my blousy thing about a week ago and could not finish it yet. And it's not even supposed to be fitted.. rather boxy it shall be... You just do it, no matter if the pattern is in Spanish or Japanese, fight your way through and end up with something fitting and so, so charming. Great!

  12. Anonymous22:40

    Oh my...perfection!!!! I absolutely LOVE that blouse!!!

    With friendship,

  13. BEautiful! It fits so nice too!


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