Wicked ...

7. September 2007
... witch of the south.

Wicked witch.

That's what I am. Deal with it.
Wicked. *muhahahaha*
What you see pictured here is the laceweight version of "Wicked" pattern by Zephyr Style. Obviously with long sleeves.

Wicked witch.

Knit on 4.5 / 3.5 mm circular needles
Yarns: Bingo by Lana Grossa & Kid Light by Schachenmayr.

I chose to knit the pattern a size larger than I would have needed, because I mainly will wear this over blouses or turtleneck sweaters, so I need some "extra space" to feel comfortable with all the mohair-hairs.
The sweater is very soft (yeah, it's KID mohair!) and incredibly warm for it's weight (less than 200 grams!), I feel like a Teddybear when I'm wrapped up in it!

- The pattern is supereasy to follow.
- I LOVE how the collar with the twisted stitches turned out!
- You can work "blind" while watching TV or reading.
- It's completely worked in the round. You only have a minimum of loose ends to weave in.

- Knit-knit-knit. I got bored pretty quick, and the laceweight version has a LOT of stitches! It seemed to be more and more the nearer I got to the end of this project... *g*

I will make another version of Wicked later this year.
It will be a worsted weight version (like KBs version) with short sleeves.
Because there won't be mohair, I will use the smaller size to get the fitted look the pattern picture provides. AND I will make the pocket, which was one of the reasons for me to buy this pattern (really, I love the kangaroo style pocket!).

Next thing?
*speaking with the Trelawney-voice* "Well, I can see that there will be serious sewing in my near future, but it's hidden in the mists..."

Go & have some fun out there!


  1. kristin L20:49

    It's so pretty and snuggly! I love the collar.

  2. super!!!!
    ich bin ja auch FAST wieder an der Maschine ;)

  3. Fantastic! I'm speachless!!

  4. schöne Variante und die Farbe steht Dir ausgezeichnet, aber bitte den nächsten auch mit dem Känguruhbeutel stricken ;-)

    LG Claudia, die ihr neues Project Bag fürs WE packt

  5. I love the colour! The twisted collar looks really cool.

    BTW... really nice hair-style! You look like a pixie! ;)

  6. anea22:10

    Meine Güte, siehst du gut aus!!!!!

  7. You wear it with great style. I love the colour, the shape and the drape. And that lovely view outside your living room.

  8. Wicked, gorgeous I love it!

  9. i think you are now a knitter....realy and truly :)

  10. The first thing that caught my eye was the detailing around the neck. I LOVE the bell sleeves. The color looks fabulous on you. Beautiful!

  11. So very pretty! I love it.


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