And the winner is...

23. Oktober 2007
life in yonder!

Congrats, you've won the pattern of my Twisted Sister Sweater ^-^
The number generator had to choose from 1 - 13, and he thought a 9 would be fine.
Please send me your e-mail adress to madhatter [at] couchpiraten [dot] de so I can send out the pdf-file containing the pattern.

I hope all the others will enjoy my Gruselwusel coffin tutorial meanwhile.
"Thank you!" everyone for playing along and for your lovely comments! :)


  1. Congrats to the winner! And thank you for the fun. :)

  2. Yeaaayy, I won! :-) Now I need to find ou what an american size 8 is in European sizes. My e-mail is on its way.


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