Boo-tiful Halloween!

31. Oktober 2007
happy halloween!

Happy Halloween out there!
Spookiest night of the year is coming up and the dear reader might recognize that it's not only Halloween with it's annual party-preparing and dinner-cooking over here but also the second bloggiversary!
Looking back I see that many things have changed, and (as I hope) for the better. Still some of you bear with me, and I'm very grateful for this!
Bloggiversaries are traditionally made to give something away, and in spite of having a pile of to-do-projects I will keep this tradition: I'll give away either one of my own sewing patterns (the egg shaped bag or the traveling seamstress pattern) or a credit card organizer (though not the pictured one but one in your fave color...) - whatever the winner may prefer.
Between today and Friday all comments on any posting will be put in the drawing pot. Think the drawing will be on Monday, though I don't know if I let my nephew do the drawing or if the doggies again will do it. We'll see... ^-^
Now. Off to prepare "dinner for twelve" tonight. Scary.


  1. Good Morning. I guess I am first! Happy Bloggiversary and have a safe Halloween.

  2. happy bloggiversary! I even remember the first days of this blog - and look how big it is now!

    have a nice dinner!

  3. Congrats! You give me hope that more people will hopefully read my blog in the future! It is difficult to get in the groove. What an accomplishment!

  4. Two years! Hey, now you are a blog-toddler... *ggg*
    Happy blogbirthday and a little scary halloween!

    I hope, we get some delicious pics from the halloween dinner... the treasures from your kitchen alway water my mouth. ;)

  5. so is a blog toddler a blogler?

    happy halloween!!! and happy party!

  6. Dinner for twelve? That is scary.

    Happy blogiversary!dv

  7. Happy Blogiversary. So glad you're blogging and we got to meet. I LOVE that apple fabric in your quilt. xo kathy

  8. Happy Blogiversary! I'm glad I've found your many pretty things here. Love the witch quilt!

  9. anea14:05

    I love this halloween quilt! Nice work!

    Have a lot of fun with your blog for the years coming!


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