Gruselwusel Coffin Tutorial: Halloween Treat Box DIY

21. Oktober 2007
Continuing the fun as I pronounced yesterday, here's my BOO-tiful Halloween-present for you.
It's a coffin!
Yes, a coffin!
coffin tutorial
You will need two sheets of heavyweight art- or craft paper, about 8 x 12" of size and a scalpel or cutter (fine pointed scissors will work, too).

Download the pattern (pdf-file) for the coffin and the lid HERE. (rightclick > "save target as")
Page 1 of the pattern contains the lid, page 2 the base.
Solid lines are cutting lines, striped areas are the tabs for glueing it all together. Folding lines are dotted.

Please note that the pictures for this tutorial were taken while I made the prototype of this coffin. The pattern has been adjusted slightly, so yours will look a tiny little bit different from mine.
coffin tutorial
Begin with the base of the coffin.
Either print out the pattern directly to your sheets of artpaper OR print it out on a white piece of paper and transfer it to your craft paper, using your preferred method.
If you have no clue: A tutorial (pdf) for different methods can be found at "Annie Things Possible".
coffin tutorial
Using a cutter knife cut out along the solid lines.
LIGHTLY scratch along the folding lines on the "right" side of your paper, meaning the side which later will be the outside of the little coffin. This will help you to get nice and clean folds.
I recommend using a metal ruler for both of these steps.
coffin tutorial
Prefold all pieces and open them again.
coffin tutorial
Put craft glue on both sides of the glue tabs and on the center of the areas building the sides.
Fold everything closed, make sure the tabs will be "caught" between the adjacent folded part.
I used paperclips to hold everything together until the glue dried... I didn't want to sit around for hours, holding small folds in place ;)
coffin tutorial
Repeat with the Lid. Be careful, as the tabs and sides for the lid are much smaller.
Embellish your personal mini-coffin the way you want.
coffin tutorial
Fill it with treats for your guests or put the invitations to your Halloween party inside...
Whatever you choose to do with it - have fun! ^-^

Please respect copyright. Thanks.


  1. You are so crafty - I'm amazed at the detail that went into this adorable project :) Thanks so much for sharing it all, I completely enjoyed it!!

  2. Oh KEWL³!
    It's also a nice present for people, you really didn`t like.. fill it with.. strange items.. muahahaha...

  3. What a funny and great idea! :-)

    This little black coffin just reminded me of a german movie I saw twice 10 years ago. It's about a woman that lives in a big appartment building and she is obsessed about building her own coffin (and of course about much more than just this).I know i sounds strange, but it is one of my favourite movies. Do you know which one I mean?

  4. Cool!!! I love it! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. I'm so digging this! small pun intended LOL I think these will be perfect, filled with candy, for my office mates. Thank you :)

  6. I'll fill it with peanut crisps, they look like worms.

    still pondering where you take the time to do so many cute things.

  7. it is so bootiful, really, so clever and fun

  8. OH,my!
    How long have I been away from your blog, my dear?

    Hehehe, how cute your Halloween box is!!
    So cute!!!


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