Lazy but busy

3. Oktober 2007
Unfortunately there's not much "real" sewing to show, and in spite of desperately needing some fitting pants and new blouses I decided to finish a pattern I was working on and to make some prototypes of my new handbags:

Ballooney Gifts

As usual the prototypes are given away, so my sister and my mom now have some new ballooney wristlets. I really liked how they turned out, and after some minor changes to the pattern I also made some for sale:

Purple Balloon

I also updated my shop with some Halloween goodies, hoping that they'll find a good home.

Halloween goodies for ye olde shoppe

See, I've done nothing, but I was busy.
Right now I'm working on a tutorial for you and I hope I will be able to share it in a couple of days. Another pattern for sale is in progress, some knitting is on the needles, sewing has to be done, birthday-presents have to be made, and there are so many final things to do in the yard...
I'm off, going to one of the many upcoming extra-rehearsals of our choir before our big concert takes place.

Can someone borrow me some time?


  1. kristin L22:09

    Oh, yo've been very busy! The stitch markers are adorable. I don't usually go for wristlets, but yours could make me change my mind. I really like the shape, and of course, they look impecibly made. :-)

  2. what do you *mean* "no real sewing"?!!! The bags are fantastic - if i had time to lend, i would, but i am in need of time myself

  3. do you EVER sleep!?! LOVE the new bags, style and materials! You inspire me to just do it! Thanks!

  4. no real sewing = surreal sewing?

    love all the nice things here...

  5. you call that nothing? wow! So what comes out if you do "something"? ;)

  6. What do you mean nothing? Looks like a lotta something to me! I love the shape of your new bags and the Halloween stitch markers are adorable!


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