Love BirdZ

7. Oktober 2007
Love BirdZ

Obviously inspired by an old movie ("Lover come back", with the all time dream-team Doris Day and Rock Hudson) I made a smallish linen shoulder bag for ye olde shoppe (with polka-d
ot lining... love that fabric!).

Love BirdZ

I love those old films.
No thinking, no fuss.
No blood, no violence.
Just a bit of flawless entertainment for a quiet evening you want to spend with your knitting (or embroidery, in this case).

Inspiration is everywhere, sometimes we just have to open our eyes wide enough. I wonder what would come out if I watched Conan? ... ^-^

Have a nice sunday!


  1. kazw14:25

    very sweet twittering birds!
    better watch conan o'brian on cnbc. that'll make a bag!


  2. Love the "love birds" lol

  3. Anonymous16:24

    Your purses are adorable! Yes, I recognize the love birds from LOVER COME BACK...great graphics and you are one clever lady to put that touch on your creations!

    Just in case or your friends are DORIS DAY fans, I wanted to tell you about my new book that is due out this week. I was Doris Day's personal secretary while she was filming "THE DORIS DAY SHOW" at CBS in the 70s. Had been a fan since age book:

    An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey to Doris Day's Hollywood and Beyond

    from Hawthorne Publishing

    you can check out my personal book website:

    Will be doing book signings in Borders and Barnes and Noble and two charity events with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

    So long for now!

    Mary Anne Barothy

  4. gorgeous work! I love the shape of the bag, and the placement of your embroidery!

  5. Ooooh... BEAUTIFUL! That gave me a smile today :)

  6. I love those old movies :)

    What a lovely bag!!

  7. Those old movies are great. Let's the audience use their imagination. No violence, no rough language. Feel good movies.

    Love the shape of the bag.

  8. very cute! Those old movies did have their advantages, that's for sure...

  9. Hi Katrin,

    ist das dein kreativer Beitrag? Damit ich weiß, ob ich ihn verlinken kann :D.

    Gruß, Margitta

    PS: Ist schön geworden, die Stickerei. Leider habe ich den Film nicht gesehen.


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