The Cell

16. Oktober 2007
The hubby wanted a new case for his cellphone .
A cool one.
One he could attach to his belt or to a keychain when he's test-driving.
Oh, and a cozy one, please...

The Cell

So he got one.
With belt-loop and keychain-attachment-thingie.
And the matching keychain, of course...
It was fun to make this small item, though it was hard to fumble it under the presser foot of my machine for topstitching.

There's not much time for serious sewing these days, so I think I need one, too...
Maybe in pink?


  1. What's it with you people and all the skulls?
    Cool. Looks great.

    So nice your husband likes sporting your handmade stuff, actually very cool of him.

  2. That's cool! Make more and put it up in your shop!

  3. tutorial!! tutorial!!! that is the hottest thing since sliced bread, i swear.

  4. barbara17:24

    wow, puts mine to shame, very classy.

  5. I love it! maybe I will make my hubby one too.

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  6. yeah, great!
    put them in the shop!

  7. So cool!!! I love it!!


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