Belated, again.

29. November 2007
They finally reached their destination, my (of course) belated birthday presents for the "Helfeelfe" and the "Kampfzwerg":

Kerstin, who I fully blame for me having quite a hang to Jane Austen (or to Mr. Darcy...) now, got an embroidered pillow case (I'm still testing around with my machine, so you may oversee the mistakes...) and some other small stuff that might help her with finally BEING Mrs. Darcy (and who doesn't want to be Mrs. Darcy?!?).


The Note Taker (a wonderful pattern by Pink Chalk Studio!) went out to Charlotte, who may already use this pretty practical gift for her next seminary.



It travelled to her, along with a little bit of inspiration for her next sewing adventures.

I'm very happy everything arrived and is enjoyed by the recipients (some of my sewing heroes they are!) ^-^

Now off, doing some brainstorming for christmas.
Hope I will be finished with christmas presents until March 08, but don't fix me on a date, I'm busybusybusy!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful gifts! I did my MA on Jane Austen, so you can imagine how I feel about Mr. Darcy! :)

  2. kristin L16:12

    That note taker is awesome!! The fabric is soooooo Charlotte. But I think she must be going to a seminar, not a seminary...

  3. *gg*
    of course kristin is right. i DO mean seminar, not the other type. though i think charlotte would have LOTS of fun there, too ;)

  4. how can you not love Mr Darcy aka Colin Firth?

    I had a feeling that the Fliegenpilz purse was not meant to live with me - it was the green fabric that sealed the deal....

  5. That is beautiful! Love it. And well done on your embroidery pillow case. Its beautiful!

  6. BEAUTIFUL gifts! Nothing less should be expected from your crafty being :))). Hugs from Portugal!!

  7. Wow Katrin! Your Note Taker is absolutely stunning. Your fabrics are spectacular. I love how the cover looks like it's exploding. I also love the pencil ;)


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