From one make two

5. November 2007
As my nephew slept when I came over today and the doggies preferred to chew all my lots instead of just drawing a winner, I asked the hubby to do this.
You may forgive me not showing the chewed papers (yuck!) or the chewers, who weren't even aware of the evil deed. *gg*

All comments between Spooky night and yesterday evening (yes, I expanded the deadline...) were included. 10 in a whole. The hubby grabbed into the lots and took one. Or it should be one, but two of my papers somehow got "hooked" while mixing. Maybe I shouldn't have folded them?
After thinking a second I decided that the drawing was okay... Maybe it was fate to get two winners?


Jen and Kathy, I've e-mailed you about your win. If you didn't get my mail, please send me a short note, telling me which of the totally awesome prices [insert manic laughter here] you want. ^-^

Thanks for playing along everyone - come back and say "Hi" if you want, I think I'll be around here for a little while longer.

... for the next entry I promise some crafting without another halloween picture... think I need to get back to DO something, finally. Not much (nothing!) was done over here, but that's a different story I surely won't tell.

Take care!


  1. Wow! Thanks so much! I've emailed you about the Traveling Seamstress pattern which will be very useful. Thanks again.

  2. it's me06:40

    we would really like to hear the different story. ;)

  3. I didn't leave a comment to win something so this is extra exciting. I'll choose the egg shaped bag. It's lovely and would be perfect for easter egg hunting. Thank you! xo, kathy

  4. anea09:04

    Congrats, Jen and Kathy!!

    I am sure you will ove your wins. Last year I won something from Kathrin and I just loved loved loved it!

  5. Congrats to the winners! That quilt is adorable!

  6. First I thought, you've let your husband chew the paper... I should read blogs not so absent-minded... *ggg*

  7. What a fun quilt, Katrin! I love the quilted pumpkins on the side - nice touch :) Happy belated blogiversary, I've been enjoying your blog very much since I discovered it!!


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