Something useful

18. November 2007
at last...

playing around

Have a nice sunday!


  1. kristin L18:10

    Me likey. Does the pad go under the computer too, so it has a nice, cozy place to sit?

  2. cool, and a great idea

  3. Cool, may I have instructions, please?

  4. that´s nice! A really good idea!

  5. Cool! Love it in pink!

  6. While a very cute idea, I wonder if it has any effect on the laser tracking.

  7. Thanks, ladies :)

    There are no instructions, it's plainly two squares with two layers of batting in between - nothing special, basically similar to a quilt!

    No, it doesn't have any effect, but of course I tested if my mouse works well on the fabric before I started sewing.
    It might be neccessary to adjust the "sensibility" of the mouse, and it won't work well with one that has that kind of "ball" underneath.

  8. AWWWW! I am adding this one to my January list of things to December one is full full full!!!


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