22. November 2007
It's the same procedure every year.

My mom says "Oh, I won't make so many kinds of cookies this year."
I raise my eyebrow and say "Of course. I won't, too!"
Three days later my mom asks me "I'm at number 9. How about you?"
... O.ô

Usually we stop teasing each other at about 24, but this year we both stepped out of our little competition earlier. There's just not enough time left, , and so many presents are still undone... plus a golden rule in our house says "No baking after Dec.1st or after the "Erste Advent". Only eating! ;)


While my mom is completely finished with number 18 right now - and I remember years with 32 different kinds of "Plätzchen"-, I just started baking yesterday.
Number four was done about half an hour ago. Surely I won't reach my highscore this year, but I hope I will get more than 10.

What I wish for right now?
Or vacation.


  1. Wow. You don't want to send some over, do you? I think if I make none after 1. December/Advent, there might not be any... but I am not that strict :)

  2. kristin L20:59

    Oh crap! I thought you didn't have to START baking until Erste Advent. I am waaaaaaaay behind the curve!

    Oh, and regarding "the same procedure every year," when I was at the Kreativ Messe in Wiesbaden they had a little teddy bear competition and the one which got my vote was the butler and the lady from the sketch. i recognized it because, as a backdrop, the maker had used a puzzle of the scene when the butler trips over the bear/lion rug.

  3. oh, dinner for one with teddies? great!

    yummy, mad. no plätzchen here.... it's better for me :D

  4. oooh, zimtsterne :-) sehen super lecker aus!

  5. charlotte23:15

    any skull-shaped platzchen planned?

  6. Anonymous21:12

    super lecker, und wann machst Du das alles, neben Job und Haushalt?
    Fragende Grüße

  7. Yummy, Zimtsterne! Love those but too frightened to make them myself. My MIL will just have to give me the store-bought kind. I'll start baking weekend after next, until then all my mail is done, pressies ordered and packed ready for shipping, house decorated. I usually make about four to five kinds, including a KILO of Vanillekipferl for the local kindergarten.

  8. LOL - i would just love to have all those cookies in my house. Well, i would love them - my hips not so much!

    Thanks for sharing these


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