3. Dezember 2007

A fairytale

Snow White Scarf

"Long, long ago, in the winter-time, when the snowflakes were falling like little white feathers from the sky, a beautiful Queen sat beside her window, which was framed in black ebony, and stitched.
As she worked, she looked sometimes at the falling snow, and so it happened that she pricked her finger with her needle, so that three drops of blood fell upon the snow. How pretty the red blood looked upon the dazzling white! The Queen said to herself as she saw it, "Ah me! If only I had a dear little child with skin as white as the snow, lips as rosy as the blood, and with hair as black as the ebony window-frame."

Snow White Scarf

Snow White Scarf - birthday present for a friend and former co-worker who loves to wear little scarves to add some "diva" to her outfit.
Pattern: Rubblework Scarf by Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio - Thanks for another great pattern! ^-^

Snow White Scarf

This is a lightweight version, featuring red quilting cottons, a decent white-on-white print and black dupioni silk, backed with black cotton poplin. Obviously not for chilly winter days, but more for formal occasions where a little accessory might be needed.

To add a little sparkle, I sewed black sequins & glass beads to the intersection points. I really love the outcome. One of my fave color combinations AND it turned out beautifully!

Snow White Scarf

Kristin recently finished a "male" version of this scarf, adding in the end of her post that she found Kathy's tip very useful to press seam allowances open before turning the scarf rso, and I can absolutely second that.
As I also don't own a tailor's ham, I used what was handy... don't laugh - it was a thick wooden dowel rod... and it worked great!

I can see many more scarves in my future...! ^-^
Have a great week - enjoy whatever you do and be sure to be there on friday & wave me Hello!

Of course you recognized the quote from Snow White... for additional information go Wiki ;)

Kommentare :

  1. Kristin L18:21

    I love your Schneewittchen scarf. The little sparkles are a great touch too.

  2. Not my colors but I love the pattern!

    Good luck on Friday (is Joanne Bell your stage name?)!

  3. i saw this at pink chalk studio and really liked the idea of it

    i have a "ham" at work - but use a rolled up handtowel when at home :)

  4. oooh schneewittchen... schön. Auch der Schal... ich habe heute gelernt, dass Aschenputtel auf Dänisch Askepott oder so heißt. Ist das nicht unromantisch?

  5. This is beautiful, Katrin! So unique.

  6. What a beautiful gift-I love the touches of 'sparkle'

  7. Lovely! And wonderfully well made!

  8. OH yes!! I really love that scarf. It's perfection!!!


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