Bubbles and baubles

27. Dezember 2007
Two days before I put the baubles on our tree, I finished some bubbles - namely the "Bubbly Jacket", as I used to call it.

Bubbly Jacket

Knit as a christmas present for my sister I decided that this surely was the last time that I knit anything with so many bobbles - cables are SO much easier!

The jacket is comfy and cozy... it's warm and it fits... and most important - she likes it! ^-^
Though I used exactly the yarn the pattern called for, my gauge run incredibly small. I was forced to knit a size bigger than my sister actually wears, and it seems it was just right to decide so.
Backside, collar and sleeves are knit in garter stitch, cuffs and front are made using the bobble pattern. I also like how the seams in this piece turned out - almost invisible. A lot of ripping included... and a LOT of loose ends to weave in. I did that "in progress", so I dind't have a hundred ends at one time... a little psychological trick helping me not to drive nuts about that one ;)

Bubbly Jacket

It took me forever to finish it, but now it's done. I'm happy with the result and even more happy that sisterMad does like it.
I got lots of stuff to post... wonderful presents I got, some presents I sent away, some things I finished a minute ago... but I will keep those for another day.

I'm off. Need to look at the most beautiful christmas tree in the world for some minutes! (Yes, I might be prejudiced...) ^-^

Sorry for the bad pics - I couldn't use my own camera and was unfamiliar with the one I used, so I got blurry pics in any lightning and at any angle.


  1. Happy for you that you're tree happens to be the world's most beautiful tree, too ;)
    And happy for your sister to have such a darn nice sister like you!
    The cardigan looks so cozy. I am in awe of your patience!

  2. Wow! Beautiful sweater and what a lucky sister! If I ever knit something like that, it would be mine, all mine.

  3. lucky sister! I mean I wouldn't be tempted since bubbles are ähm just not my style

  4. Nice and cozy cardigan with so many bobbles! Congrats! Work of love, I must say. As you said it, it was good that you sized up. It fits your sister perfectly. I do the same with loose ends. In my case, I hate to see them dangling from my beautiful fabric. The only drawback is that when I have to rip, the habit causes a semi-nightmare.

  5. Wow, that's beautiful! There sure are a lot of bobbles!

  6. It's so sweet of you to knit such a pretty cardi for your sister. Bobbles can be a pain to knit, but they are so pretty aren't they? And the best thing is that your sister likes it!

  7. I had this cardigan on my "maybe for me" list, too. :D
    But I'm not sure about the bobbles...
    Lovely colour!
    Lucky sister, you have.

  8. this is absolutely beautiful and I love the color

  9. So THAT'S the knitting you wanted to roll on ;). Very pretty!

  10. okay - your insanity has been proven :) how could you stand to do all those bobbles? A labor of love :) it is really beautiful - i'm truly impressed

    (happy new year!)

  11. Gorgeous! I hope your sister loves it.

    btw, what does that Christmas sign behind you say? I assume it's German?

  12. What a lucky sister you have. That looks like some serious luck, and love. Happy new years!

  13. Fantastic sweater... and great color! By the way, I have just created a top inspired by your "Twisted Sister" post a few months back.

    Thank you for your great blog!

    Now, if I can only get my knitting going...

  14. It's beautiful! I envy your sister!


  15. Kristin L08:36

    The baubles may have been a pain in the you-know-what, but the jacket looks great! totally worth it. :-) I love your sewing projects too. Looking forward to what fabulous things you create in 2008!


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