From beginning to end - and back

31. Dezember 2007
I want to end the "old" year like I want to start the new one - SEWING.

It just doesn't seem appropriate to end 2007 with a knitting posting - I'm not really a knitter, remember?! Though I have to admit that I like it a lot and that meanwhile my to-knit-list is almost as long as my to-sew-list (not to mention the stash)!

This dress was finished on Dec. 25th, 5 minutes before 12, meaning 5 minutes before we were leaving for the annual christmas lunch with the in-laws. A few months ago I would have said that I wouldn't be caught dead in something similar...


I had a little more than 1 m of a black wool suiting laying around which was just enough to make model no. 111 from the January 2004 BWOF with a raised hemline - a quick sew, if you ask me. AND it goes well with my new boots... ♥

It didn't require any facings or much interlining, the invisible zipper is sewn in in a wink, the lining is bagged and finished through the shoulder seams.
Armholes and neckline of both, lining and outside fabric, are interlined with bias tape so they won't get out of shape.


For the first time I've machine sewn the lining to the zipper tabs, but it didn't really saved me time in comparison to hand sewing. Of course, with some excercise this might go pretty smooth.
There's a better picture of the dress on Püppi - light isn't great these days, and indoor shots are almost impossible, and I wasn't willing to go outside sleeveless.

Short dress, short blogentry.
This already was the last posting for 2007. Next time I'll see/read you it will be a new year, though I hope we all will basically stay the same. Happy new year, my friends!


  1. i am so jealous that you can make a dress out of just over 1 metere of fabric! i am just too damn tall- of course, i don;t think i could get a skirt out of 1 meter....
    nice boots!

  2. Katrin, love the dress matched with your new boots. This look is definitely you and I think you should wear more dresses in this style.

    Happy new year to you and I wish you and your family all the best in 2008. Keep sewing girl ^-^

  3. thx for all the good work in 2008. keep on posting, dear!


  4. simple and beautiful, a great way to end the old and start the new year

  5. All the best to you!!!

    The dress is ravishing and looks absolutely fab on you.

    I hope we will meet again next year!

  6. A perfect dress! You look gorgeous! I like the hair style, so roaring 20s! ;)

    Hoping for more delicate styles in 2008...

  7. I think the dress looks much better on you!

  8. your dress and the hairstyle matches great!!! >The style is perfect for you :) and taste changes doesn't it?

  9. Such a lovely fitting shift dress to end off 2007! Thanks for your blog , it's been a sewing aspiration for me :)

  10. Happy New Year!

    Love your dress and you look so cute!

    As always, I am looking forward to your creative work ahead.

  11. Outstanding job as always! What a great way to end 2007!

  12. So sweet, so cool. Just you. Well done!
    I am amazed how productive you are.
    May the year 2008 be blessed with your creativity as well ;)


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