Knit Corset. Or something similar...

20. Januar 2008
While still working on my mom's bedjacket, which freaks me out because it's plain stockinette stitch throughout, I relaxed with something cable-ish:


It's a model from the current "Junghans-Wolle" catalogue. Every year they provide a pattern booklet, containing all models shown in their yarn catalogue.
I did not use the original yarn, but a cheaper one - a very fine and heavenly soft merino I had at hand.

The cablework is only on the front, the backside is knit in a plain and very stretchy 2x2 rib.
The chart for the cables contained some errors, so I ended up knitting it just the way I thought it was right, and I think the outcome is nice ^-^


Unlike suggested in the pattern this bandeau top was knit completely in the round instead of working a sepereate front- and backside.
At this point I can literally see the jaws of all "real" knitters out there drop. Yes, I know what you think. And I tried to avoid getting a longer backside by using shortened rows, but it still puckers when I'm wearing it. Not much, but it somehow disturbs me. Any suggestions what I can do? A sewn horizontal dart is not the solution... I tried this already.
This leads me to a question I wanted to ask anyway: What do knitters do if the finished piece doesn't fit like wanted, if there's a tiny little pucker somewhere it doesn't belong? Rip it all? Or is there a kind of "emergency 101"?
Oh, it's so easy to adjust sewn things - even after finishing. But knits? ...

Hope you have a nice, puckerless sunday!


  1. block it like hell :)

  2. It doesn't look that bad on the pic. I'm sorry I can't help, I'm new at knitting...

  3. I think it is very cute!

    I'm notoriously hard to fit - busty but very short-waisted with a small ribcage. I've had to do some serious surgery on some knits in the past (to avoid ripping & reknitting!) One sweater got machine stitched and cut to fit ;) I'm going to try this with a baggy tank I knitted also, but I think darts would work better than side seams for that one... It will be an experiment!! Good luck whatever you decide to do!!

  4. i'm with tini - block the crap out of it - is it too big or too small? really gorgeous! i love that webpage - they have the cutest bettschuhe pattern!

  5. Relaxing by knitting cables... that is what's happening then. Gosh, you are some crazy girl ;)
    Don't know what could be done and honestly, my jaw didn't drop either, no real knitter I am, you see.
    From here your piece looks cute, but maybe you can blame your head for making just about anything look adorable you put in proximity to it...
    Oh, da faellt mir etwas ein, vielleicht koennte man den ganzen hinteren Teil in Sollfalten legen? Ein feines Gummiband einnaehen, wie eine Heizspirale und quasi smocken, um die Flaeche zu verkleinern?

  6. A good wet block should fix most of it. You could always sew a lining, make tucks with a sewing machine, etc. Anything which can be done to knit fabric can be done to hand knits.

  7. Anonymous22:05

    It's very pretty! I've made a similar one, quite some time ago, from a rowan pattern. I can't pinpoint it but it doesn't feel right when I wear it. Unfortunately, it has never seen the world outside my drawer since then...


  8. I don't have the answers, but I do like it very much and wow zinger what a figure you have!

  9. It looks fabulous! FABULOUS!!!!


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