50% means one is finished

11. Februar 2008
...at least when you are knitting socks.
I proudly present my 100% of 50% of "La Digitessa" by Yarnissima:

La Digitessa - 50%

Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle Superwash, colorway "Farn" (fern), knit on 2.0 mm dpns.

As the first sock is finished nothing new can come my way while knitting the second one, so I'll tell you a bit about the pattern...

The many charts and the "difficult-to-knit-look" of the finished socks may discourage some people, but take it from me: The pattern is excellently written and the charts are wonderful to work with, so don't be afraid! Once you get into the groove it's easy as pie ^-^

I did use the crochet cast on and found the pattern "as such" very good to work with, though it's nothing to knit while reading a book... obviously...
Instead of the recommended double stranded bind off I used the sewn b.o., as I prefer a pretty stretchy upper end and I still do have issues getting the right tension with a knitted bind off (hey - I'm not a knitter, right?!).

As I knit pretty tight my gauge turned out smaller than given in the pattern, but that was just perfectly right for me as I have ridiculous small feet, so I didn't need to alter the number of stitches but only the length of the foot to make the sock fit snugly.
As a consequence of this shorter foot I came to the point where the backside cuff pattern joins at the front of the foot at a different row of the central upper foot pattern, meaning I had to work this area a little different from the chart. It doesn't look bad and is only recognizeable for those who have seen the pattern or the "original socks", but it doesn't look as elegant.
Anyways, I can live with that! ^-^

It took me about 8 evenings to finish this first sock, including successfully trying a "partial frogging" twice.
Hope the second sock will walk off my needles just as quick!

Oh, PS: Yes, I'm on ravelry, too...


  1. gnarf.... ich find dich blöd.... jetzt muss ich die doch stricken... die sind sooooo schön ( und ich hab auch noch Wollmeisegarn hier liegen)

  2. Die sind ja irre chic - und stehen auch noch auf meiner To-do-Liste. Vielleicht wünsche ich mir die Anleitung zum Geburtstag - mein Mann nervt ja jetzt schon mit dem Gefrage...

    Aus der gleichen Wolle habe ich ihm die Thuja gestrickt. Die leuchtet so wunderschön!!!!

  3. Your sock is beautiful!

  4. Really cool sock pattern...unusual shaping at the top. Nice colorway you chose too!

  5. Your 50% done project looks wonderful! (Very nice picture, BTW!)


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