24. Februar 2008 cantatem! (oops! blame it on my recent reads...)
Or better not. Just let me enjoy they're finished...

La Digitessa - 100%

I finally finished my "La Digitessa" socks (ravelry pattern link) on a 7hrs drive yesterday. All has been said about the pattern when I finished sock #1, I only could add another ♥ for it...

The Wollmeise yarn is soft and beautiful as I'm used to and the pattern - though demanding indeed - is really wonderful to work with. Yarnissima did great work (Thank you!).

I was struggling hard how to present those socks right, but I didn't find a good way. Too many lovely details, and I just wasn't able to make pictures that capture everything. In spite of not having pretty pics, here's a shot of the socks laid out flat and an additional shot of the X-wise crossing cuff pattern, which I mirrored for the second sock to achieve a "V"-shape when worn.
The socks weren't blocked, so they look a different... in the pictures, but they are absolutely adorable when worn, trust me on that one!

Now... Enjoy a sunny sunday afternoon!


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love the pattern details and the wonderful color of the wollmeise yarn.

  2. OMG I never knew that this was you sew-mad - congratulations, the socks look totally awesome, gratuliere!

  3. 7hoursdrive.... hmmmmm
    wonderful socks. admire your patience. i never managed to finish a pair. too boring to do the second. hihi.

  4. Beautiful, Katrin.
    I am in awe. They surely look difficult and so well made.

    Schraeges Foto *g*

  5. Wow! Gratuliere! Die Socken sind echt super scheeeeeeee!!!

  6. Want, want, want!!!!

  7. absolutely beautiful, your knits are always so pretty!

  8. Those socks look amazing!! That's some really gorgeous knitting - and what a cool pattern.

  9. Perfection! Congratulations, Katrin!


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