The missing hours

27. Februar 2008
of saturday can be found here:


If you don't know what (or where) this might be, have a look at the other side - it should be more familiar.

Got it?

We drove there about 3.5 hrs and 3.5 hrs back... makes 7 hrs total in wich I finished my socks and had a quick look at my newly arrived MSB magazine.

city museum

Unfortunately we had to get back on the same day, but nevertheless I enjoyed my visit to Trier, where I haven't been for about 20 years now. Back then the Porta Nigra and the cathedral looked much bigger, but maybe that's normal when you come back to a place you have visited as a child. Things just doesn't look that huge and important anymore when you get older...

I really enjoyed my visit, though we only have been to the city center and we didn't have a tour on the Mosel (too cold!).
A few pics of the cathedral with its famous organ and Trier itself can be found on flickr.

Oh. I didn't mention why we went there? Well.
If you were married to my hubby, you wouldn't ask.


  1. I guessed the where but not the why. We went about six years ago and enjoyed Trier. Very pretty city. :-)

  2. I recognized it, and I haven't been to Trier in over 30 years! Wow, now there's a lot of digging back into the memories, I barely remember, but I think we went camping somewhere near there, too.

  3. I was in trier way back in the seventies.
    bikes in trier? why? fabric - yes! but bikes???

  4. i knew it was close to the border but my brain couldn't figure out where or on what trip!

  5. Wow! Das ist ja ein schmuckes Teil! Dagegen ist die Porta Praetoria in Regensburg ein "Seiteneingang"! ;)

  6. That looks like a beautiful place. What a wonderful way to spend some Saturday hours. Congratulations with the new bike yo your hubby :-)


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