9. März 2008

A riddle

Danke für das Feedback wegen des rss-feeds und meinem Versuch, zweisprachig zu bloggen. Einige Namen habe ich zum ersten Mal gelesen, das war schon interessant! ^-^
Hallo da draußen! Schön, daß ihr Euch mal meldet! ^-^
Gerne würde ich alle eure Blogs besuchen, aber dafür muß bei Blogger-Usern das Profil "öffentlich" freigeschaltet sein. Einige haben das nicht, also kann ich auch keine Adresse sehen. Ist nicht schlimm, aber ich bin halt von Natur aus neugierig... ;)
Thanks for the input on the feed and the trial on bilingual blogging. I've read some new names, which was quite exciting ^-^
Hi there! ^-^
I'd love to visit everyone, so please make sure that your blogger-profile is available - some of you have a private profile, so there's no possibility for me to see your adress, and I'm curious by nature...
Weil ich heute (mal wieder) so gar nichts genähtes oder zusammengestöppeltes zu zeigen habe, gibt es nur ein kleines Rätsel für euch.
Ihr dürft raten...

Today I got nothing crafty to show, but I have a little riddle for you.
You may guess...


...was für eine Art von Party...
...which kind of party...

pirates sweets
...wir heute bei uns hatten...
...we were hosting today...

... Jedenfalls hatten wirviel Spaß und natürlich noch mehr zu Essen.

... having lots of fun and even more to eat.

Kommentare :

  1. Oh, it's difficult... let me guess. Mhm... Lord of the Rings.. no, wait.
    Life of Brian?

    *hrch* One last guess... funny little pirates with some problems with personal hygiene?

    I really like the skull muffins!

  2. it could be the birthday of the guy on the right hand side. he looks like someone I have seen in heidelberg last year.

  3. okay this bilingual thing is just cool!
    i had an lotr party this past weekend - no special cooking just lots of watching!

  4. Love those cupcakes :)

  5. MUST have CUPcakes!

  6. Apples and coins and pirates... hhmm. Yours truly is doing (a quilt with) coins. Elfy is a pirate. And you are the apple? *eg*

    And you all meet in a big bowl? *musing*

  7. That must have been so much fun!! :) I love the pirate cupcakes, napkins & placemats!!

  8. I have just found your blog (apologies!) Think it's cool that it can be read in two languages by choosing a toggle.

    I know another German textile artist who posts her blog in both German and English.. paragraph x paragraph translations. Your solution is more fun.

    Look for a probably link into an older blogpost at BlogHer.com today.


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