It's the small things

4. März 2008
... that can make you happy, right?!

Rubblework reloaded

Finally I really managed to sew up a Rubblework Scarf for myself and I am VERY happy about it ^-^

Remember? I've made a few for christmas and a birthday, and I am still not tired of it.
Looking back at the "other rubbleworks" I've made so far I am again astonished how the choice of fabric can change the look completely - though the pattern stays the same.
Usually I get bored pretty quickly, so it amazes me that this small, tiny, quick and EASY sew keeps me amused so long and again and again.

Rubblework reloaded

RED was the theme, matching the color for project spectrum for february/march.
Of course I couldn't make a plain red version... temptation is always there to bring in some contrast - in my case a hint of green (surprise!), which goes well with the large flower fabric of the main squares.
For this version I used quilting cottons for the front and a wonderful soft wool flannel for the backside. It will keep my neck warm on those last chilly days of winter without being too warm to wear when the sun comes out to play.

Think I need a summer version, too!
... seems like you got me hooked, Kathy! ;)


  1. Very cute!!! Small things are VERY important! LOL

  2. barbara14:13

    sieht super aus! und momentan können wir unser winterzeug ja wieder gut gebrauchen ;)

  3. It's great! I love red myself. And yes, small things can be everything!

  4. The cobbler has no shoes around here, I really need to make myself a new one too, I'm still wearing the original sample which needs more contrast! LOVE that hat you're wearing.

  5. It's like the chevron scarf but with fabric!! Fun and easy and never boring.

  6. Just beautiful! It's even more beautiful because it's all about red!! LOVE it!

  7. You look so cool with it! :-)

  8. I have loved all of your Rubblework scarves - and this one is just perfect for you! I love the colors and fabrics - and you look so adorable and chic in it & the hat!! :)

    So, I'm thinking, not that all my plans don't take months and months to actually get done - do you think I could do this? It's been a LOOOONG time since my seamstressing days, but this looks relatively simple, no? Maybe a good re-entry/re-intro to my machine?

  9. Hi-
    This will sound very strange, I'm sure, but I came across your picture with your lovely Rubblework scarf on the Pink Chalk tutorial blog, and I did a double-take, because you LOOK like me (OK- maybe me 10 years younger!). My 3 year-old son kept pointing to your picture and saying "That's Mommy"! I did a version of Kathy's scarf and put a pic of me wearing it on my blog (under posting "My New Scarf"). See if you find a resemblance! It's probably mostly the classes and our "small" features! Too funny. Take care.


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