25. November 2008
Are YOU in the mood for the upcoming season yet?


  1. actually yes, I am. Not to say that my Christmas gifts are ready or anything, but.. yes. Looking forward.

  2. No. And Alex reminded me that you are probably about done with your Plaetzchen too!

  3. Great photos - I really like the patchwork tree in the middle. And I'm really not ready for the holiday this year. I can't believe we're almost to December.

  4. Anonymous07:29

    Nicht wirklich, obwohl wir schon Weihnachtsguzzl gebacken haben.

    Tolle Collage!

    Viele Grüße

  5. NEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is too much to do!

  6. Oh yes, I am ready. Brin Christmas on! I have been waiting for it the last two months.

    I love the fact that you added the "silence"photo to your christmas collage. Christmas is silence to me too...


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